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The destruction of the environment


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Any good at the Javelin?

Try Whaling. A lot more exciting than Javelin throwing. No experience necessary. A whale is a big target so you can't miss. However it can take novices many throws before they get a kill. However don't mistake someone who is playing with the whale as a novice.

The pay isn't great but there are other perks. For example you won't have to buy food for the rest of the year and there is always a bone for your dog.


Even more exciting there is an organisation called Greenpeace who can provide a spot of light entertainment.


Here you can see the Norwegian team tryin to score extra points at this years Olympics. These boats aren't that big however and are only with 100 points each. Luckily he managed to sink two and this made up for only getting three whales earlier during the day. This put the Norwegian team up to second place, just 100 points short of the Gold medal winning Japanese team.

Happy Whaling