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The destruction of the environment


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Important information about recycling.

If you have an old car, don't just scrap it. Think of the benefits to marine life. It could provide a new home for all kinds of creatures. Providing them with protection from fisherman and other predators.

Shopping trolleys make great animal traps. You will find trolleys lying around just about anywhere. Most of them are free, but the better ones cost a pound. If you are any good with a screwdriver you may even get your pound back.

Remember! Used engine oil makes great garden fetiliser.

Use your old tins and coke cans to make a rocket. This will benefit you in two ways.

Firstly you will have fun building it and seeing it work, plus it also keeps the kids entertained.

Secondly, you will never see it again. This is better than just sticking it in a bin bag. You could even fill it with other rubbish. If you build it well enough you could be adding vital materials to the construction of a moon base.

If you have any better ideas, add them to the guestbook for others to see. I will add the best ones to this page.