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Fuel crisis
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The solution

As you may know Britain is being harassed by truck drivers because they want cheaper diesel. The solution to this is simple. Put 30p on a litre of diesel and cut the cost of petrol by 40p a litre. Put the freight onto the railways. The extra income would help rebuild the railways and improve the service. So all those poor people who can't afford cars will have some form of reliable transport.

As an added bonus those slow moving roadblocks that they call trucks will be put off the roads. This will allow those of us with cars the freedom that we deserve. Those with diesel cars deserve all they get. Why do they want their car to sound like a tractor anyway? Speed limits could also be increased as the main danger on the road will no longer exist.

Even if they didn't reduce the price of petrol, I would quite happily pay a pound per litre if the government could guarantee the roads would be free of trucks.

Happy motoring!