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The destruction of the environment


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Avoid? or fit bigger bumpers to your car.

Cyclists have to be completely mad. What sane person would use such a slow and lightweight form of transport on a road. Do they want to be killed?

And what is their obsession with cycling into your car door when you open it to get out. After several of these collisions you'll find your car door no longer shuts properly. It's time manufacturers recognised this menace and increase the strength of their car doors.

If you drive a 4WD vehicle and hit a cyclist, remember to stop. The bike will have passed safely under your vehicle without being damaged. You can then sell it to other mad cyclists. While you are stopped why not play our helmet collecting game.



Be afraid, be very afraid

Driving games

Ever noticed the wide variety of colours that cyclists helmets come in? Then why not try and see how many different types you can collect.

Recycle a cycle